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The man behind the VISION: The WERP-Man

Shri Rajendra Kumar Tripathi is currently the Chairman of the Forum of Financial Initiatives and the Visionary of the organization. He is a Man with a Vision of a New India that is unified in heart and mind towards a true development. A development that is Free of Caste, Racisim, and Religion intolerance and differences, corruption and terrorism, where all Indians have access to equity in all things especially Women. A Unify India (Bharat Jodo)! Bharat which is free from all evils, Bharat which is prosperous at all front, a Bharat dreamed by all Women in India, a Bharat which was dreamed and envisioned by our freedom fighters, founding fathers and Mothers of India as well as the ancient great personalities.

In his word, he says ‘people were poor not because they were stupid or lazy. They work hard all day long doing complex physical task. They were poor because the financial institution in the country over the years did very little to help them widen their economic base’. He also believe that the true development can be achieved when India truly empower her second wing. A bird does not fly with one wing. From time immemorial, Indian Women have been subjected to series of marginalization and suffering. Despite this hardship and unrecognized status accord to them women have been working tirelessly to build India on all fronts.

The whole world is in mess today because women was neglected and regarded as character of weakness. In the same vein, only women can unify India as true women do not differentiate between boy and girl, caste, religion and racisms which have become a clog in the wheel of our true democracy and development. A true Woman is the mother of all and shows love equally to all because she gave birth to all and through her selfless sacrificial love only the unify India can be achieved which is what require for India to become the developed among nations. The New India we all pray for. He therefore believes that youth especially students are the one to catalyse this support for women and bring a desired change to India. Students are filled with energy and visions and they can do the imaginable if properly cultured and supported.

This birthed the Vision of WERP-India, a student initiatives for women. As students’ research and passion all over the world has change the world for the better (e.g Google, Microsoft etc) same way their passion and hard work today can change India socially towards a favourable environment for women to thrive and contribute actively to the development of India.

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