Political Empowerment

Politics is the base of the country. Without a good politic party in the leadership, a country’s future is unpredictable. Women consists of half of the population of the country, and yet, women don’t have political empowerment. Although women can vote and run for public elections, only a few countries have female political leaders. Talented women who would make effective public leaders are excluded from the pool of available candidates due to financial, social and legal barriers, to the detriment of their communities.Because of gendered stereotypes, women face different and additional political challenges and opportunities than men, making it all the more difficult to gain trust and support from the public. There are numerous reasons as to why their participation in politics is discouraged, namely gender discrimination, lack of female role models, aversion to competitive environments, family responsibilities and social norms. We can find a solution to these problems in politics and our society through social changes in how we expect women and leaders to behave, which can give way to increasing women’s political aspirations. Firstly, the ruling party should look into the matter of political women empowerment and encourage the same. Seat reservations for females encourage them to take part in politics and also makes the society more likely to associate with women leadership and hence, vote for them in the future. Reserving political seats for women creates a chance for them to fulfil the agenda and increase electoral participation of women and improving governments’ responsiveness to women’s policy concerns. Moreover, female role models, such as big celebrities and famous personalities must encourage the common masses for the participation of women in important decision makings. Also, the previous women electoral leaders can improve the perceptions of the women on the matter, and encourage them to participate in decision making policies. Female role models in leadership positions can also help adolescent girls to aspire to leadership. Not only these, but efforts towards women empowerment in politics can be made through mentor ship, confidence building, media training and educational political campaigns. All these are also effective tools to increase adolescent girls’ and women’s political aspirations and efficacy despite structural obstacles. Last and the most important thing is to make sure that women are educated and well known of their power and capability. Our society, which has been male dominant for years must look into the matter of equality of both genders, and make the necessary efforts.
-Tvisha sindwani

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