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Raise towards the powers of women

By Anshu ⊚

Now I am thankful to get a chance to share my views on women empowerment.

Calling a nation independent, doesn't make it independent. When all people in a country are not independent, then how can we say our country independent? To go outside, always a woman asks her family member, for a late-night work a man is always required for the woman or in place of woman, but man is not needing anyone, not requiring any permission. To empower women first thing is to make them fight with their problems.

Now let me point out that social reformation alone is not just enough for women empowerment. The mind-set of society also has to keep pace. To ensure this transition, laws had to be enacted. Several laws have been enacted to ensure the safety and protection of women, especially in the workplace.

But it is said that there still needs to be a radical change in the way women are viewed in society. A woman gets educated, earns a well-paid job and then suddenly finds herself being bargained for in the marriage market. This is sad and tragic. In this world of commercialization, women are in many places regarded as liabilities rather than as assets. This has to change if women empowerment has to become a reality in the fullest sense.

Finally, top leadership is something that women can aspire and reach to. But massive change for the empowerment of women has to begin and be sustained at the grassroots level. Assurance of employment, maintenance of good physical and emotional health should also be priorities as far as women empowerment is concerned.