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Patriarchal setup in India: An outdated system that Must be Upgraded to Stop the ongoing hiccups in our Developmental process. #WomenEmpowerment

By Mayowa01 ⊚

As a mobile app created for a purpose require a regular update from the app designer, in the same manner, a social system requires regular update. When the update to a system is not done precisely with the change in time and seasons, the system is bound to stop working or even crash. This is the current scenario of our social system in India today and globally. The patriarchal setup of our country which was a social system created for a purpose long back ago requires an update in other to put a stop to the ongoing current hiccups in our developmental process. There is no sustainable development when there is no gender balancing. Men and Women are created by nature to work together to make this our world a better place. When this gender balance is lacking, we are bound to experience slow-down growth in our developmental trajectories.

In my opinion, the most essential component of women empowerment is creating awareness among society about the problems that women face. The main culprit which hinders the process of women empowerment is the patriarchal setup of our country. This setup is extremely outdated and the society needs to acknowledge that! Awareness is the only solution to bring this acknowledgment. For me, women empowerment is more about society at large. Secondly, there's a need to bring financial stability through stable income for women. Financial stability will solve a lot of problems related to self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth. Thirdly, women empowerment should focus on the mental health of our women by teaching them the power of expression of thoughts and ideas.

If we can work on this as a nation desire to become developed, there is no doubt that our journey to becoming a developed nation will be fast-track and we can get their earlier than we think!

Comment originally posted on WomenTV at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vabo-oP44c by Nimrat Kaur and edited by the Chief Editor-in-Chief, MyVoice4Women.ImageCredit:Buzzle.com