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The story of SHE molested by that HE

By Kajol Kumari ⊚

I was a girl, a simple girl,

I wanted to roam around and see the beautiful world,

But I could not.

The reason being “ I was a GIRL”.

I did not trouble anyone.

But those demons troubled me.

Because of their damn dirty deeds,

Not a body, just a soul, I be.

With every inch of cloth they removed from my thighs,

And every bit of shame that burnt in their eyes,

The one, trying to hide his face behind that hoodie

Was seeping my soul out of my body.

I shouted I cried I pleaded along,

But their emotions were birds, unable to take flight, lame.

They did not contain even traces of shame.

Be the reason it was already destined that

I am going to have a garland on my photo frame.

Night is the time of dead, but morning brings light.

With those pedestrians’ sight, bare bodied I had to fight.

Minutes felt like decades and millenniums later I was admitted,

I fought for life, but the doctors gave up.

“We’re sorry, she is dead”.

When I was brought home lifeless,

Seemed in the air oxygen was less.

Cause seeing my ragged body, people could hardly breathe when cried

And those continuous sobbing created a total mess.

My mom when she saw me dead,

I was cold but she had faith.

She rubbed my hands to make me warm

But I was already in the hands of death.

I am gone,

I am gone but my soul still cries

Because that so called minor is set all free, despite numerous tries.

Its my humble request, please do remember...

I am not a body to be used...

Just because I am a girl, my justice appeals should not be refused.