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Self-Motivation: "A Healthy Step Towards Women Empowerment"

By Isha Jain ⊚

Can you imagine a world full of people not doing anything? Weird, right? Life is all about moving on with our lives. We got to do something worthy each day, there has to be a goal that keeps us on our toes. Talking of women, it has been a long-term goal that they are set free to become independent to live a life with dignity and confidence . This is what is called women empowerment, awakening them to use their right to take their own decision. For a woman to be free from the shackles of the society and take a productive decision, she first needs to motivate herself. Here are ten ways that will surely help you in keeping your spirits up.

• Believe in Yourself – This is the most important point, until and unless you believe in yourself and your capabilities, you might not be able to achieve what you are trying to. First step is, to believe that yes, you can do it. When that inner light is lit, no power can stop you from being successful.

• Set Small Goals – Setting a big goal is great but then, to reach there, it will be good that you take one step at a time. This means that you should set small goals, fulfilling one at a time will keep you happy and motivated.

• Keep Trying – Even if you fail, keep trying, it is better to try than to do nothing at all. You might succeed or fail, in both cases you will end up learning something essential having said that, it will completely overtake the thought of not reaching a goal with the sense of a new learning. So, keep trying, let that spirit of doing something new stay alive in you.

• Take a Break – Doing a particular work for a longer period makes one tired and affects one’s productivity. Therefore, taking a break is important as it helps you in rejuvenating yourself and continue working towards your goal with high energy level.

• Me Time – Me time is all about taking out time for yourself. This time is all about you and doing what you love. It is the time to meditate, indulge in some good music, dance, eat, celebrate, appreciate and pamper yourself. 

• Do What Makes You Happy – It is really important that what you do, makes you happy. Keep this in mind while you choose your day-to-day activities and especially your career path, you wouldn’t want to spend 8 hours of your day working on something that doesn’t contributes to your happiness, right. It doesn’t matter whether the happiness is direct or indirect, but if it is keeping you truly happy, that’s it!

• Breathe – Life has a tendency to throw challenges in our way from time to time. When this happens, remember to take deep breaths. It is one of the best ways to keep you away from unnecessary stress and helps in handling any situation in a better way.

• Work with a Free Mind – Any work when done with a free mind gives best results. Make sure that when you sit to work, you keep aside all your thoughts and worries. Let your entire focus be on what you are doing right then and you will surely surprise yourself.

• Live in the Present – Learn from your past and live in the present as this is all you have. Change begins now, don’t wait for future if you can make it happen now. Take the first step, when the future arrives, you will find yourself in a better today.

• Do Your Best – Whatever you do, just do your best in the current time. Doing so, saves you from having any regrets later on. Moreover, why waste a chance when you can make it happen by putting in your best efforts. 

Self-motivation is a necessity. By practically applying the above points, you will find yourself heading towards a better place. A peaceful mind and a happy heart are all it takes to create wonders. So, take the first step now!