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Raise voice for Women

By Shahwerp ⊚

Women, the most adorable,creative a born for the world by the almighty. Women are the light of a house , the backbone for members of a family.

Even in imagination, our globe without women will be nothing but some type of piece of a land.

Naturally women must be respected, they should be the proud of a family. But sadly, the reality is much different, everywhere across a country, we see various incidences where the most beautiful creature is serviving in with most miserable flights. Even in the this 2150 century a baby girl born is considerable as a heavy bounden for  family  and sometimes the condition becomes worst and hence a baby girl is even not allowed to take first breathe in the world.

Her mother helpless, hopeless under supervisor of all others sacrifices her baby which is her dream for sale of other.

Prophet Mohammad said, "maa ke pairo ke neeche jannat hotee hai (Paradise is under the feet of mother) ". But condition and situation created by the coservative men, is very different.

Girls are considered as equal because the if girls and boys are any one is superior considered. Then we cannot change our world. if to imagine   " any one (man and woman) is absent then cannot born a baby". So both to give equal opportunites in all the field then our Universe is fullfiled.

Also change the behaviour of man by awareness-raising about women is not made for house worker and sex , without change this mindset we cannot improve and empower women.

"Educate a man and you educate an individual.  Educate a woman and you educate a family."