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By Payal Khade ⊚

Just Be yourself,

let people see the real,

imperfect, flawed, quirky,

weird, beautiful, magical

a person, that you are

        This is one of my favorite quotes. I hope this blog will give you some energy to look at yourself in a new way.  

Being a girl is really complicated or we make it complicated?? Like every time we focus on our looks, dress, hairstyle, shoes, height and most important our weight. Does it really define you if you are short having a dark skin tone?

Let your inner beauty speaks about you instead of your outer beauty. Show your confidence instead of your foundation tone. Tease them your brighter smile to those who always say you can not do this because you have that issue. If you are fat then enjoy your chubbiness, Take photos and make everyone jealous of your cute smile. Enjoy who you are and who want to be, only for yourself. After all, it is your life to do what you want to do. 

I am not saying that don't do makeup or dress up. All I am trying to say BE YOURSELF, don't change for others. Follow your paths, ambitious, goals. Fight for others to get which is already is yours. Don't let anyone take your place, your rights , your HAPPINESS. 

BEAUTY begins the moment you decided to be yourself .