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By anurag singh ⊚

hello friends.

This blog is about women empowerment of the rural middle-class family. I also belong to a rural family and I have seen the situations what middle-class women face. In the village and all other rural areas, society is not developing there mentality even a powerful and well literate family environment is backword.

here I am sharing my own family story, my mother's story, how women treated in rural areas. First keep a fact in your mind that my family is well cultured, powerful and rich enough then you will understand how deeprooted this problem is this. About 5 years ago my mother was facing problem in her stomach my father took him to a VADYA( Docter uses only herbal medicine ) after 6-month treatment there was no improvement in her condition then he went to other VADYA and the same result then he went to the ordinary doctor after three month treatment no positive again to other doctor and the same  result every doctor  was giving their own theory without any test. My grandfather is a retired lecturer and my father is also a teacher but they didn't take that serious  BECAUSE SHE IS WOMEN. After three years when the situation becomes worst doctor refers to her to Lucknow. In Lucknow, it comes to know that there is cancer in her abdominal and was increasing day by day and the reason behind cancer was that three-year improper treatment.

Although my family loves her very much but the mentality for women health is not good. It is harsh truth that the mentality for women is not equal as man, especially in rural areas. GOD is great she is fine now after 1-year treatment in AIIMS and my father and whole family gave there all for her treatment but this condition can be avoided if there would be a male family member in the place of her then the treatment of that member will be better.

So this is my family story there are a hundred - thousand women suffering due to these old thinking. this thinking only can be finished by proper awareness and good education. It is the time when women should stand for their rights