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Exit Policy for Research Interns at WERP-India: To-Do-List before exiting WERP-India Internship Programme

By Mayowa01 ⊚

Dear Policy Research Interns at WERP-India,

Greetings from the office of the Chief Executive Officer at WERP-India. I am using this medium to appreciate you for your selfless contribution to our social research approach to empowering all Indian Women and Girls. You guys are the core pillar of our work in finding sustainable solutions to issues regarding women empowerment in India and beyond.

I am also happy and excited to congratulate policy research interns that are completing their internship period at WERP-India. I say big thank you. I can with all sincerity of heart declare that I learnt so much from you guys. Your batch is just awesome!!! I hope you have learnt something from our organization also. Our Focus at WERP-India is not only to TRAIN you to be INDEPENDENT RESEARCHER, but also to be a proven independent research scientist with evidence of PUBLICATIONS in high impact factor international journals that can sell you CV and grant you more research-related job opportunities in the FUTURE.

These are the days where excellent research scientists are needed in all big corporation more than ever before. I hope you will put the research skills you have acquired or sharpened at WERP-India to work in solving complex social issues in our corporate world and social circle especially for making a voice for women and girls.

Kindly be reminded that we training you purposely so that you can engage your research skills to voice freedom for Women in any situation by Quality Academic /Professional Research that can be published in any high rating journals in the World, so as to disseminate the truth that only social research can deliver.

WERP-India appreciates your dedication and Say a BIG thank you for contributing your little quota to the course of Women Empowerment.

Please, kindly keep this to mind as you plan to exit your working group;

(1) kindly be sure to have received your Certificate of Completion before leaving the group.

(2) Be sure to drop your write up a draft of your research work/ article in your research working group allotted to your working research project, and give your email so we can be able to publish your work in due time without looking around for you. 

(3) If you fail to drop your draft in the group, your dedicated research work of 2 months is deemed to perish...

(4) And you turn to wasted effort on your side your dedicated 2 months internship

(5) And finally, you WASTED our precious time and resources to train you and skill you up during your internship

So, kindly abide by this exit policy so we can turn your work to voice for women.




Shitu Gabriel (PhD)

Founder CEO & Chief Innovator