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Suicide is not the solution.

By Aashi ⊚

Nowadays youths are committing suicide and they think that it's the solution. They commit suicide because they do not get the proper mental support. Nowadays parents need to understand their son and daughter. They need to support them. Talk to them like friends. So that they feel free to speak out there heart. Guys life is very precious. Please do not take such steps. Every problem is having a solution. Everyone is having problems in life. But suicide is not the solution. 

Ask to them who are willing to live but they are not able to live coz of some severe disease. And peoples are committing suicide. Guys no problem in life is big. We think our problem is very big. But no it's absolutely wrong. The ones who are begging in street , the one who are not having homes are also happy, they have smile on there faces. See there pains. They are not committing suicide. If you see anyone suffering from depression talk to them, make them understand that depression is not the end. Committing suicide is not the solution. Don't make fun of them because we might not understand what's going on in there head. We can't feel there pain. Guys life is precious. Live it with love,joy and happiness. Spread happiness.  Everything starts from within. Try it. 

#do_not_giveup.  Life is what you make it. You are the architect of your future.