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We can bring change the Change for Women if we think We Can!!!

By Mayowa01 ⊚

Women empowerment has been a critical issue or let me say, a campaign all over India for several purposes. Even the government made laws in our favour still there is a lot to be done, as laws or the campaign itself can’t change deep-rooted stereotypes.

Education- yes education is an important outlook for change in women's condition in several spheres. Though sometimes even the educated become the most uneducated ones when they failed to think, or when the fear to do the right thing, even though they think through and discovered that what they were taught is completely wrong.

Let’s take the basic and most important part of women’s lives in the mensuration cycle. What is that an issue? No not all it’s natural occurs after every 1 month period time to a woman, but still, people, not the rural, the educated one’s men or women feel disgusted talking about it in public. This is just one oppression that needs to be taken care off.

We can bring the change as the youngsters and teens are the base of future sustainable development. We have a strong voice, social media and the confident pep talk giving to typical mindset people personally.

Women have the hope for the other women lifting her up in all the circumstances. She is hoping to many who needs her.

Voice authored by Anonymous and edited by the Editor-in-Chief, MyVoice4Women, WERP-India

ImageCredit: WERP-India Volunteers4Women logo (v4W) www.Volunteers4Women.org