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Depression - Not the end

By Aashi ⊚

Our society is not so broad minded yet. And so if someone goes to a psychiatrist everyone thinks that the one who's going to a psychiatrist is mad. Its absolutely wrong. Let me make you all believe that going to a psychiatrist is not a shameful thing. No matters what, no matter where you are in life, how long you have sunk just keep one thing in mind that this is not the end of your story nor the final chapter of your life. 

You are the one who will write the chapters of your life. You are the one who will make difference between what is right for you and what is wrong for you. 

The people around you can talk to you, make you understand but you need to understand that whether you are taking the positive things or the negative. One can only be with you till the time you are listening to them else no one will always stand. This is the fact. In the whole world only 1 person is there who will never ever abandon you. And he's GOD.

Why anyone suffers from depression??

It's because we create our own negative feelings and thoughts. The reason anyone gets depressed is because of the consistent thoughts that they think and the consistent belief they hold.

Nowadays many people end there life because they think they are not worthy enough.

Ending life is not the solution. In this world every single person is having problems but if ending life would have been the solution then people should have ended up by giving up there lives.

You must value yourself.

Don't give up

You are worthy 

You are more than worthy.

Everyone deserves to experience how great life can be and they owe it to be that positive change for others.

Things start from within.

Life is what you make it, you are the architect of your future.