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Voiceless, Silenced & Unheard

By Ravinder Kaur ⊚

There is really no such 'voiceless'. There are only the deliberately silenced or the preferably unheard. This amazing saying by Arundhati Roy is completely appropriate to describe the situation of women in our country. She is not voiceless but is silenced with her own thoughts and circumstances. Sometimes she rises but isn't heard. She is the women who suffers, who fails, who get up and fall down. There must be some hope for them to believe and get up again. Their voice ,their stand can be taken by anyone from inside or outside. So, to raise women this platform has been made. The hand that broke the cradle, the proprietor, the mother of tomorrow is a woman, who shapes the destiny of civilization. Such is the tragic irony of fate that a beautiful creation such as a girl child today is one of the greatest concern facing inhumanity. This powerful quote describes the irony of the situation. Girls have the power to change the world, it is a fact and yet more likely than boys never set foot in classroom. The basic and the necessary education required by everyone which, the girls are deprived of is a major concern. Giving education to girls is a waste of money  as she has to get married, is a belief among the poor that make them chose boys to get into schools .The  future is not alone in the hands of men. Like a bird cannot fly with just one wing in the same way, future is in both hands and these two hands are of man and woman together. Women contribute more in shaping future. Despite all the efforts and progress ,two-thirds of women of 750 million adults are without basic literacy skills. There are factors that affect the situation of girls in society. Poverty, geographical isolation, early marriage, gender-based violence and traditional attitudes about the status and role of women are among the many obstacles that stand in the way of women and girls from getting their right to education. Some obstacles and some conditions are uncontrollable but the status of women can not be changed until the equality is attained not only in place but also in minds.

As it is said, “we cannot all succeed when half of us are held back".