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What She wants?

By Shalini ⊚

The term WOMEN EMPOWERMENT refers to the uplifting of the females in every aspect by educating them and making them capable enough so that they can make decisions and live their lives in their own way. We are living in the country where women have been considered and worshiped as goddess Lakshmi since ages. Although in today's generation ,women are standing shoulder to shoulder with all the men out there. Moreover, women have the right to vote, right to speak, right to be educated, right to earn equal wages, etc. There is also a special place for women in politics and defense as well which is undoubtedly a major achievement of our society. Amidst of all these; Our satchel is filled with uncountable queries, Are the women really aware of their rights? Why do a girl always crave for someone's indulgence? Why do she often needs others approval regarding her dress? Why is she being married in the mid of her studies? Why don't she do outings after 8pm ?Why is she kept beneath the veil? Why is not she safe even in her own home? Why is she impious, just because she bleeds? Why does somebody rule her? We are in that era, where we need to know :-WHAT SHE WANTS? Every girl is a queen of her own world. Why would she allow any stranger to cut her wings. She has the right to dream and spread her wings as much as she can. She has the right to fly to the fullest heights as well as can dive in the oceans of her own desires. “A golden cage is still a cage". No one can deny the fact that MALE CHAUVINISM is still trendy in cultures all over the country. India is popular worldwide for its culture heritage ,tradition ,religion ,civilization and many more from the ancient time. We also used to say our country as BHARAT MATA . This simply means that we treat our country as a woman ,mother of every Indian. So this should bethe responsibility of every individual of this country to maintain the dignity of our Mother India. Women are given the first priority in our society, however, on the other hand, they were treated so badly in most of the families and societies. This is the country where people had witnessed PANCHALI PRATHA as well SATI PRATHA. Earlier, a single woman had the right to marry with five men simultaneously, on the other hand women were forced to burn themselves in the same hearth which was fired for their dead husbands. What can be more miserable than this ,where an individual was forcefully burnt alive. As the time passed, we have seen lot many considerable changes in the society for the enhancement of the women's condition. Though we have to walk long way in this arena. To empower the women in our country, first it needs to kill all the demons killing women's rights in the society such as dowry system, female infanticide, illiteracy, rape, prostitution, domestic violence and other issues. To get the high level goal of women empowerment, gender equality should be given the priority from the childhood in each and every family. Girls should also be given equal opportunity to go to school as their brothers do. Boys should also be indulged in household works with the girls of respective family. Women should be given equal wages. Domestic violence and dowry system should be strictly prohibited in the society. Proper maternity care should be taken during the pregnancy and delivery period. Better health, sanitation facilities and adequate number of hospitals should be there. People should be well aware regarding the negative consequences of child marriage. EDUCATION is the most powerful weapon to change the world. If we educate a girl, the whole family will be educated. Eventually, if we empower the women, the whole country will be empowered.