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"I wondered about Wonder Woman being real"

By Shubham ⊚

I don’t have a story to tell

Not an extra word to say

Cause my heart burns

As, if it’s being put through the sun

As, I heard the news today

27-year-old woman in Karunagappally, Kerala, allegedly starved to death by her husband and mother-in-law for dowry

And in shame remorse and pray, hung my head

That day I prayed for an extra 5 minutes before bedtime

For all those little young infant girls

Who, had fought their way out their mother’s wombs

Not realizing that being alive was a privilege in itself

For all those toddlers who would soon be taught

To behave in a certain way,

Walk a certain way,

Breathe a certain way

For all those adolescent ladies

Who would be made to believe that wonder woman, Was unreal !

And neither exists the ideal chivalry like that of tony stark
so LEARN to compromise
And that no lady could command such power.

Which, could make THEM look fragile .

Their self-pride being crushed like pages from an ancient manuscript,

Not crumpled but torn apart
And for those teenagers who’d soon realize

That, ‘that time of the month’ had exactly thrice the syllables as period

And that it took thrice the courage and liberty

To place it at the tip of your tongue

And swallow the word safely before it escapes your mouth.

And for those young adult ladies who’d be taught.

Their role and significance in the society

Doesn't go beyond the four walls of a house

The zillion errands of ‘her abode’.

And for those women who’d be tried to be suppressed.

With all the society’s might

Whose, perceptions of what women look like

Would be put through blast furnaces

Beaten hard with tough strokes

Until they speak no more,

Until, their tongues lie cut on the floor in front

Like broken promises, lifeless, hopeless

Who'd be shown that women,

Do not fall a synonym to strength

But maybe falls just in line with frail

That brains and beautiful were never a match formed in heaven

And that choice doesn’t comprehend with the xx chromosome

And that make other women follow your trail

That your virginity was a matter of social pride

And that the only curves over your body

Should be around your knees and necks

And you better keep that fat in check,

And make sure it lies where it SHOULD

And never leave those thoughts wandering

On the rationality of what you are being told to do and what you could.

The ash white skin, draped with wrinkles,

A Thought, an assurance in that gaze which twinkles

With the hope that someday it'll all be fine

As, she assured me, the liberty that's theirs today shall be thine

That day, the air won't stink of oppression and your wrists shall carry the red cuff marks

And oh beautiful don't you forget to remind your daughter that somehow,

Real was that wonder woman, and real are all the tony starks.