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Women- Beings/Objects?

By Shobhit ⊚

Doesn’t it sound funny that India-a nation where goddess Durga symbolises Shakti, women are often subject to violence and discrimination by their male counterparts. Most of the women in India have been victims of male atrocities at some point of their life though the quantum of violence may differ. But how many women have stood against it? Very less. The cases are seldom reported which even boost the confidence of the oppressors that they can easily get away with such heinous crimes.

Now the question arises, what can be done in such a situation?  We have to understand that finding a solution in a country like India is very difficult because here even in the political domain is dominated by the male population. Even after 72 years of independence we’ve had just one female Prime Minister. How can we expect the male lawmakers to comprehend all the problems faced by women?

If we have to bring a change, first step could be utilising education as a tool. The students should be taught about the bigotry prevalent in the society and sanctions against them, so that if they encounter any such situation in their life, they aren’t unaware of it. Stringent laws should be enforced with prompt response.

Problems as severe as this can’t be solved over nightly but as we know Rome also wasn't built in a single day, even a few steps in this direction can have a huge positive impact in the minds of women and will help them to come out of the shackles holding them back.