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Gender is a performance.

By Aditi Behl ⊚

All of us are girly and all of us are boyish at all times. It all depends on the circumstances in which we are put in. The insignificant need to categorize people into boxes leads to power hierarchies. To recognize someone as something is an act of authority. To give an identity is an act of power and when someone or something does not fit in a box, it becomes a problem.

When we see around the world, most of the problem arises when identities cannot be fixed. 'Abnormality' hinders this hierarchy and power positions are threatened. And that is the reason that non-heteronormative identities lead to disputes. If as a society we recognize that we cannot box ourselves into structures and if fluidity is permitted, we will evolve as a society. We all our androgynous in some ways and that is the beauty of it all.  

Gender is thus performative because we see around ourselves and stick to the codes of masculinity and feminity. We do not cry because it can be considered too feminine and we do not shout because it can be considered too masculine. It is important that we break these codes.