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Is feminism limited to women?

By shubhamgupta ⊚

Women make up roughly half of the total world's population. And yet they are exploited, right?

That's why there is a need for an idea like feminism. 


But what exactly is feminism? Is it limited to the female population who deserves social justice and humane treatment? Or does it talk about uplifting every human being from the void of inequality based on social and gender differences? 

The idea of feminism is somewhat broken if we consider the broader definition in the minds of the masses. It's obvious that every person would have a different understanding of the same concept, but the problem arises when its practice by an individual affects the opinion of the other. 


The irregular practice of feminism might lead to varied opinions and possibly, conflicts. If feminism is used as a tool of glorifying women and undermining the value of their male counterparts, its whole idea gets distorted. And the problem of inequality and social injustice of women remain the same because we fail to acknowledge the value of the other part of the population. 


So repeating my earlier question. What exactly is feminism? Is it really just "the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes" as Google says. Or is it more? 


When we talk of feminism, talk about inclusiveness. 

Inclusiveness as a whole and not just limited to women. Include each and every human being whether they are male, female, lesbian or transgender under this definition and probably that would be enough to make the idea of feminism socially more acceptable. Consider everyone a carrier of feminism rather than limiting it to the upliftment of women.

Because there are men who need help too. 

Because lesbians too are human. 

Because a queer can love just like the rest of us. 

Because human beings are human irrespective of what they are in society.


A small last request to the males too. It won't hurt if you start respecting women and consider them as human beings deserving more empathy. 

(Although it might hurt your ego, in case you are stubborn)