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Education for a better future

By shubhamgupta ⊚

Our country has suffered a lot due to the gender gap created during the long era of poverty due to colonisation. Women's education started to be neglected, and so did their condition.

One has to understand that education plays a massive role in developing a person irrespective of their gender. An educated person is more likely to contribute to a country's development instead of someone less privileged. We can't say that uneducated women aren't contributing to the country's upliftment, rather it's a question of equal rights and opportunities. You can't fight for something unless you know what's required- which is what education teaches you. 

Reserving seats for women in colleges and universities is fine. It hasn't produced great results, yet it is ideal for our situation. This gives female students security of education and eases the pressure of sky soaring cutoffs in educational institutions. Reservation should be continued unless it's obvious that women no longer need it to get educated. 

Moreover, we should start focusing on the grass-root level of the education system prevailing in our country. Government schools have been started in abundance, but they're not what they're projected as. Students in these schools don't get basic facilities like drinking water, sanitation, electricity, etc. How do you think that poor parents are going to send their girl child in such schools when they can keep her at home for household chores? 


I really believe in empowering others rather than giving. Women don't need your help, they need your support. Treat them as equal and let them do whatever they want. Let them study. Let them learn the skills relevant for a job. Let them pursue higher studies in top universities. Let them work at home whenever they want. 

Just let them be human beings. 


This is a huge opportunity for our country to grab. Women are a major part of our population which can do wonders if they get proper education without restrictions. This could be the final push for our country towards becoming a developed nation.