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By Rohan135 ⊚

Ever thought about the power that resides within a mother that makes her do such things none of us can even think of . People tend to ignore the fact that women are better life manager than anyone in the world , anynone can have intuition but not as powerful as a mother .

Our country is trying to support women by implementing the new Tripple Talaak rule but that's not good enough , not every wife has that strong nature , will power to oppose to her huband about the things happenning in and around her , how she is managing things , how she has to put efforts without her own will just to keep her image clear in the society and sometimes just to stay alive .

All Religion is a Foolish Answer to a Foolish Question .

Religions also affect the living of the women with the different kind of restrictions which are imposed on them before and after marriage . So why she always has to cover her face with saree ? Why she has to return home before dark ? Why she has to be a housewife and cannot work in her field of interest ? these kind of questions will never stop , it's the society that has to change and the mentality of the people towards women . They can be as good as men and even better when given opportunity , is that people fear , women being better than men . 

This kind of things should not be tolerated , we all know it cannot be a sudden change but we are living in the 21st century where women in other countries are making histories our girls still are fighting for the rights in this democratic country . What kind of democracy is this??

Politics is Deliberately Making Things Better for Some People by Deliberately Making them Worse for Others !

And women unfortunately fall in the later so i don't think it's upto the Prime Minister to bring changes to our lives it's us who have to fight for our rights and be strong and raise voice for better future for women .