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Its Now or Never!

By Ravi Garg ⊚

Another evening. I turned on my television and started watching the daily episode of KBC, a prize-winning game show. This episode was different from others. It is one of the few episodes of a series entitled 'Karamveer'. This series uses to showcase the great people who have contributed towards the social well being of the nation. 

This time, they invited Ms. Sunitha Krishnan, the Padma Shri awardee, the fourth-highest civilian award of India. She works in the areas of anti-human trafficking and social policy. She has rescued hundreds of girls and women out of the hell of prostitution and set up the largest rehabilitation home for them. She was always motivated to do this job, no matter how risky it is, or how appalling it is. 

She stated how she does everything in a step by step manner. From detection of such problematic situations to rescuing every individual and providing shelter, advocacy, and any needful activity. When She was asked that What is the solution to this problem, she clearly said. She said that if a man is involved in Women trafficking, then it clearly implies that somewhere there is a demand. That's how a market forms, "Market of Women and Girls". So to reduce this demand, we have two solutions. One of them is the laws made by the Government. But mostly they fail. But the best solution is if we could educate the males of our country to behave properly, to respect a women and do not seek them like an object which can be "bought".