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Let us make the world a better place

By Aditi Kaushish ⊚

A few days back I opened the newspaper and one news article that really stood out for me was a woman blaming another woman for being a rape victim. A female celebrity had blamed another male celebrity for sexually abusing her and instead of supporting this lady this another female instead chose to support the male celebrity which is acceptable as it's her personal choice. But the one thing that she did wrong was blaming the victim for getting raped. Instances such as this play an important role in victims not getting their complaints registered against the rapist or their abusers.

We say that men are the villains in women's lives, but I feel it's not always true. Many a times it's the females who don't support the females despite their knowing what the other person is going through. In this world of social media everyday we see females posting negative comments and hate on others' posts even though they might know the courage it would have taken for someone to put something up publicly.

In this world that's already got so much negativity and hatred in it, let us not be a part in spreading more of it, but instead take a stand against everyone that does something wrong whether it br a female or a male. Let us not be the villains in someone's life but instrad support everyone in their struggles. Let us all come together to make this world a safe place for everyone to voice their problems and work together to solve them.