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BODY SHAMING: A New Gen-Y Way of murdering Self-Confidence

By Swagtika ⊚

Have you ever wondered how many times you have you been judged by the body you have? How many times you have been criticized of being obese, being too skinny, being dark, and being too short or tall? Body shaming is the widespread phenomenon of mocking one’s own or another person’s physical appearance and demeaning self-confidence. It is just like cancerous cells growing thoughtlessly in the society and decaying the personality, self-worth, confidence of one person to the lowest possible value till life seems worthless. Females are its greatest victims. Women are more prone to body shaming than men. The misconception of perfect Barbie body shown in the media since childhood leads to hatred for one’s own body always yearning for idle body.

Body shaming proliferates in many ways:
1. Comparing to another person and criticising own body.
2. Criticizing any person in front of them.
3. Criticizing another person behind their back.
No matter how it propagates body shaming always leads to a dark room of shame, comparison and judgement.
Causes of prevalence:
1. The common mode of defence in arguments mainly in case of adolescents.
2. Not meeting the narrow standard of beauty in our society.
3. The association of presumed ideal body idea with beauty, success and popularity.
4. Ignorant use of words without any rethought of its impacts.
5. Use of body size, shape and colour as a focus of joke in media.
6. The belief of criticism leads to motivation.
Fat shaming is the most common type of body shaming haunting most of the women today. Body shaming is faced by many renowned celebrities and it can happen to anybody anytime.
1. The burdened feeling of shame, guilt, low self-esteem, disgust, hatred and loneliness
2. Isolation from friend circle or any public platform in fear of being judged
3. Depression, stress, anxiety and suicidal symptoms
4. Harassment, discrimination and bullying
5. Eating disorder, increased cortisol levels, mental problems, poor overall health, digestive troubles and cardiac and gynaecological problems
6. Dieting leading to malnutrition
7. Use of harmful products and methods for beautification.
We don’t choose our body it is what we have and it has been rightly said to worship the body temple and not contempt it. Body positivity should be widespread and made the trend. Your body should only open to your own choices and wants and not satisfying others want. A healthy body should be the goal.

Ways promoting body positivity:
1. Accept your own body and start loving yourself. Admire your curves and look into the mirror and say, ‘I am beautiful’ every day.
2. Involve in happy activities and accept the positive aura around you.
3. Confront to stop criticism when you find it hurtful.
4. Encourage healthy body in yourself and others through encouragement than mockery.
5. Try going out of comfort zone and stop hiding from judgement.
6. Beware of your inner bully.
7. Practice appreciating your body
We should live and let live. The typical judgemental attitude of our society needs to be stopped immediately. Women are not bound to be perfect in body to meet societal norms to get eligible to be loved, respected or get married; they are far more above it. So girls just love the way you are and SAY NO TO BODY SHAMING.