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It's okay to be imperfect!

By sahitya munishetty ⊚

Girls right from the start are taught to choose the career in which they are going to be bright and successful. They are told not to be a risk taker. Right from the childhood they are told to be perfect, play a safe game and get perfect scores whereas boys are taught be rough, daring and jump high. By the time they growup girls usually refusing to be stong enough and brave. On the otherhand boys are ready to take risks after risks. In one of the school assignments given by a psychologist, it was found that the girls with higher IQ levels giveup first whereas boys try it again and again. Its because we teach girls be perfect and teach them to do something only when they are hundred percent sure. The difference here is how boys and girls approach a challenge. 

And this doesn't end in schooling even in jobs women apply for the jobs where they have hundred percent qualifications and boys apply when they even have sixty percent percent. In six lakhs tech jobs and computing jobs all over the world, women are being left behind. Women have always been apsired towards perfection and being cautious so that they never see defeat in their career. And we need to change this thought. Women should be taught to be brave and courageous instead of being perfect all the time. Women should be encouraged to innovate and be ready for any challenges and accept it without any fear. 

Most of the women are afraid to experiment, thinking of, what if they make anything go wrong ? And there itself they stop to experiment with the fear of going wrong and they accept the failure at a very early stage. Instead they should be confident and have the courage to face whatever,whether it goes right or wrong. And we have to make a change and now itself. Girls should be socialized to be brave instead of being perfect. We have to build a network to support the women and let them know we are with them and make them comfortable to be imperfect. And for sure this environment which we create for them will make them do incredible things without any fear. Teach the girls to have perserverance, be brave, have courage, Instead of telling them to be perfect. When girls are socialized to be imperfect they will never let there dreams so easily. And some of those dreams may create new innovations bringing changes in people's lives. 

Teaching them to be brave will have impact on their lives changing and others. We have to show them that being imperfect is okay! And they are loved for being courageous. When we teach them to be brave they will build a new world for themselves and for us!