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A body positive society

By Varshitha ⊚

The human society has always been clear about a few of its implied rules and restrictions, it makes it a point the compliance is always intact. These rules mostly target women, and fitness is one of those things.
Beauty is always associated with womanhood and fitness is considered a part of it, but to be called pretty by this society, women are forced not just to be fit but as slim as possible too and curvy women are still subjected to be mocked and laughed at.
This society constantly pressurises women to have a perfect and most prescribed body shape but never certainly forces men of it, a fully built and fit body shape is always just a choice to men.
The compulsion of maintaining the commonly desired body shape puts women in a situation of forced restrictions in food habits or dieting, which ultimately leads to eating disorders. Statistics has it that 50% of teenage girls use unhealthy weight control behaviours such as skipping meals, fasting, vomiting, and taking laxatives to control their weight. Around 25% of college-aged women engage in bingeing and purging as a method of managing their weight. Not falling prey to such stereotypes definitely is big deal.
In such a society, living a life with a particularly curvy or fat (in common terms) body, definitely takes a lot of courage. It means a living life full body shaming comments that collapse one’s confidence and breaks them down internally. People tend to easily judge women of this sort and don’t feel any empathetic about it. The saddest part is that family and friends are no exception.
Media and cinema mostly use curvy female characters comically in spite of their talents. Well, we live in a society where female led movies are scarce themselves, let alone curvy leads.
Body positivity is still a luxury to plus sized women in a country India. Over weighed women are also not allowed to wear clothes of their choice, they are mostly compelled to go with what the society already has for them.
Though a great part society thinks this way about the body fitness culture, there still have been initiatives taken by some institutes and individuals, which includes Puma with its latest plus sized mannequins, Vogue with constant body positive ad films, Gillette with its recently ads featuring plus sized models and many more.
Creating a body positive society might definitely take a lot of time, but it’s high time for at least a mere start. Looking at beauty of the soul certainly takes physically beauty off the game. A little empathy would surely have its magic.
But loving one’s own body certainly won’t take a lot of effort. To lose confidence in one’s body is losing confidence in one self. Self-hatred is the greatest sin of all. Being unapologetically of oneself and being comfortable in their imperfection is all what beauty is about.
Human body is an artwork, everyone’s got one of their own and what’s even the point when they all look just the same and there’s nothing rare and unique about it. When every single woman starts feeling great about her own self, body stereotypes would have been long eradicated already.