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Is it time to Rethink?

By Varsha ⊚

As a woman, what is my role in this society?

Oh wait, is my role decided upon  waswho I born as!

But, who decided that roles will be assigned by the ways of gender rather than by capability?

Who decided that Intelligence, Calibre , Capacity and Willpower is secondary?

Who decided that how one is treated is solely rested upon your birth?

If I had known better I would have chosen to differently.

But wait...Did I have a choice when I was born as a woman?

Did I have Choice to whom I would be born to?

But one thing I did have...I had the Choice to Question.

Answers were unnecessary. However the questions have given me more than any Choice.

Questions gave me Confidence.

Questions gave me Direction.

Questions gave me a Path.

And...Questions are now my dearest friends in this Journey called Life.

So all my fellow men and women. Question everything. Because Questions will help you Find Your Purpose.