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Achieving gender equality

By Mohan Raj ⊚

By Achieving gender equality, women have equal rights that men’s having in a society. 


The main stress should be on equal work and eliminationof discrimination in employment.One of the best policy objectives should be universal education of women,the lack of which tends to perpetuate the unequal status quo.


Can girls and women access equal resources, opportunities and rights without access to technology?

The majority of girls in India don’t have access to using basic technology such as phones and computers because of infrastructure related challenges and economic reasons. Increasingly we see bans on girls using mobile phones. The dialogue on girls’ access to Stem [science, technology, engineering and maths] education and women’s role in technology has not even started to be acknowledged.

                       By increasing use of basic technology among the girls and women then they access equal resources,opportunities and rights.Digital technology is an increasingly important tool for movement building, allowing organizations and networks to exchange information rapidly, and to organize across geographical locations. It also creates opportunities for a diversity of voices to be heard and shared an important feature of strong social movements.


Make Education Gender Sensitive

There has been much progress in increasing access to education, but progress has been slow in improving the gender sensitivity of the education system, including ensuring textbooks promote positive stereotypes. This is critically important for girls to come out of schools as citizens who can shape a more equal society. In some countries, there is a tendency to assume that things are fine as long as there are equal number of girls in schools.


Raise aspirations of girls and their parents

One of the key strategies must be to change how girls, families and society imagine what girls can be and can do. We need to give girls images and role models that expand their dreams.We also need parents to see that there really are opportunities for their daughters, that their only security is not just to be good wives and mothers.


By ensuring equal access to opportunities to enable students to fully participate in the learning process.