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woman =man

By aashisri29 ⊚

very disappointing to see when you search woman in google you see pictures of woman in beach style , frankly in bikni and very shocking to see when you search for man you see a image of strong personality .

i am not in favour of feminism i am in favour of similarity where both man and woman should treat equally. In the society , rather binding woman with some restriction we should told man how to treat them . woman is strong as man . she is rocking in all the field . society must change their mind that woman is not only for showing body . with education we can learn manner and Etiquette but in today era  some educated people do same think as uneducated people will do i think the manner and etiquette are with in us we must know the ethics of us . 

society treat woman as mother goddess in the nine days of worship of navratri but after that they treat as toy . i am not saying womans are god but the point  is why society have discriminate between man and woman . the point is, like we treat man we should treat woman too . rather we told woman how and what to wear we should told man how to see a woman . the problem is not in womans cloth the problem is in the perception of man. 

the solution is we should teach a man about the power of woman we should taught man as well as society to change perception of their mind . we should stop to bind woman with restriction she have all right to enjoy their life and fulfill there dreams.  

                                                             "  WOMAN = STRONG = MAN "