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Women Empowerment

By Ayush Mehra ⊚

In today's world in most of the country, women's are still not treated as equal as men. Women's empowerment is always a hot topic to discuss about, not only it means that we are fighting for the rights for women's but also are raising awareness, raising their status through education, etc. There are around 130 million girls worldwide who are not in school and this is one of the major concerns. Their parents don't want to send their girl child for higher studies as they see this as a waste of their money and time. Without any education girls get married at a lower age, or work at low paid positions or rely on their family or husband for financial support. Lets us take an example, if a family is poor and they have two children, a boy and a girl, and can afford only one for higher education, the family will always choose the boy or the so called male gender, because a boy or men are the bread earner of the family not the girl, the girl should not study nor work, these are the mindset of the people in today's world also and that can only be changed by raising awareness. With education a woman can pursue her dream, goals, whatever she wants in her life she can get it.

So achieving gender equality would be great for everyone and it will definitely result in sustainable development of the country, not only women's would get benefited by gender equality, but the people of the country will also get benefited, they will work for the betterment of the country. Every girl should be a feminist who can stand for herself anytime she wants but she should not be a pseudo feminist!