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Women can change the World !!

By Ashish Arora ⊚


Today's Scenarios, "Women have higher potential than men". we all know that women are working like astronauts, pilots, Teachers, etc. In Todays World, women are great in their lives and they have the potential to change the world.

As we all knew that Kalpna Chawla was an astronaut and also the first woman who went to space. This was the First Step toward the Woman Empowerment in India. But I see that some women are uneducated in India feel that they don't have power higher than men and some think that Education is not part of their life and its only for men because they earn money. This problem is seen in the villages.
we all have to change the mindset of men toward the Women and experience the power of the women. we have to encourage the woman and girl towards education. we should organize the workshop or program to teach education and tell that education is equal for every individual and also tell that education is the only way for success.we should organize the training in the village and slum area to teach education for Better India.

I definitely assure you that one day will come when the success story of women is higher men.

                  "Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is                           another stepping stone to greatness"