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I am Beautiful

By Haripriya Ramaraj ⊚

"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"

A huge wind just passes through me as, I stand there on a stranded island by myself. This is what I feel when I hear a pack of questions thrown away at me as to why "I AM THIN". Few people mistake me for a little girl who is just lying about her age and then there are people who mock at me. I take on these insults hurled at me in a positive way because "Stay young ,Stay positive" is the motto I follow. I might not be of the perfect type a women should be. We live in a world of imperfections so being non-perfect is just fine. I might not be the girl who you see in movies such as "Student of the Year" or "Reality High",a girl who is desirable and a perfect 10. One thing we as humans don't understand is there is a lot of difference between reel life and real life. In reel situations every scenario seem to be perfect but not in real life. 

I am not a look-alike of Deepika Padukone or Aishwarya Rai. I am neither fair nor do I have the perfect curves. Yes, I am skinny more than often mistaken with my younger sister. These days people don't find it wrong making fun of someone else's body. There are few people who have this conjecture that making a person feel ashamed of their bodies is a way to make them transform into something better. It is good to become a better version of oneself but becoming obsessed with anything would ruin things in the long run. We need to understand that we are not products. We needn't feel ashamed, we are our own beautiful and moreover unique.

As in today's generation we don't seem anything wrong in expressing our opinions which is positive. But the fact that the very same opinions could actually hurt somebody. More than one-third of young girls are so obsessed with staying fit as they feel being "fat" or "skinny" is a shame. Therefore, they engage in crash dieting or binge eating. This is not just about teenage girls even as young as 10 year-olds are worried about the way they look and  their size. Those who intend to hurt, will never stop targeting the body image with disgusting comments, but what we have to understand is that nobody chooses the body they have. If someone is unhealthy, tell them how they can become fit and encourage them to choose the path, rather than just criticizing, or making fun. Body shaming and discrimination just on the basis of body image can cause a lot of stress and makes any potential victim feel bad. If someone is overweight, this stress can actually make them gain more weight rather than losing. These insults and toxic behaviour could lead to victims losing on their self-esteem, change of diet cycle and worse could even make them end their life.

What is the Perfect Body like and how is it?

None. Yes, society and social media has contributed in creating a mirror-image as a hunk with six-pack abs or a woman with perfect curves and size-zero figure as the perfect type. But the real question to ask is, "Are these role models for perfect physiques actually fit in the true sense?". There is an interesting piece of information: Did you know that the models we see on-screen actually starve themselves for an entire day in order to get a perfect one shot for the camera. Shocking right, this is done to make us believe that they are "Perfect". This is just a myth created by a group of individuals to fulfill their needs of their vanity. So next time when someone condemns your looks or mocks at you with comments such as "Oh! I am sorry are you hurt you didn't break right?", we should reply them savagely such as "I forgot I am a glass right but wait I didn't break". Speak out against it. Express what is in your mind. 

Stop Bullying and Love Yourself.