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Women Empowerment in India

By a.singh2804 ⊚

The 21st century, an era where many campaigns were launched to honor women and match women with men step by step and shoulder to shoulder. But have these campaigns, movements changed our thinking towards our women? The issue today is not to empower women but to change our conservative thinking. Today we will talk on this issue of women empowerment.

Many years ago, there were many changes in our Indian culture. One of the biggest changes was the transformation of Indian culture into a small society. Years ago, our Indian culture started changing in different social contexts where different societies were formed according to their work like someone shoe stitching, so he is shoemaker, someone makes gold and silver ornaments, then he becomes a goldsmith and if someone makes the wood, he becomes a carpenter. But along with all these societies, many orthodox practices and ideas also emerged like dowry system, veil system, and boy's desire. These practices took away the right of women to take decisions related to their own life.


What is Women Empowerment?

Finally, rising above all these orthodox thinking and practices, women started fighting for their rights and today we are fighting for the honor and rights of all women. Women's empowerment campaign is a form of giving rise to the struggle of women, where both men and women are trying to get their due respect and rights while fighting this thinking of society.

In this series, we consider March 8 as Women's Day all over the world. Where we discuss the rights of women and many schemes to get women their right.


 What is women's reservation? 

Indian constitution is one of the main constitutions of the world which talks about female-male equality. In the Indian Constitution, socially, politically and economically, women have equal rights just like men. But the irony is that even today women have to fight for their rights and their honor.

To bring women in front of men and to give them their right, the Congress government of India introduced a bill in the year 2008, according to which the reservation of women in 33% of the seats of Parliament. The Congress government got this bill passed in the Rajya Sabha but due to lack of majority, the Congress government could not pass this bill in the Lok Sabha. Even today, we talk about women power and women honor, but when it comes to renunciation for women, even today the steps of Indian men are backward. A direct example of this is seen in Panchayati elections where women have 33% reservation in the field of politics. Here women won elections by taking the party ticket, but even today political men make political decisions.


The need for women empowerment

India! Which was once called the golden bird, whose literature and culture was vowed around the world, where the woman was worshiped as a goddess. Today same India is struggling to get the rights of women in its own country. 


Development of the country 

 Yes, you must have heard the saying that the future of any country is in the hands of the youth of that country and girls and women also come in the youth category, so why women and girls in India still choke home. Why even today women do not have the right to make their own decisions and see the world outside the house.


Change in conservative thinking

There is a lot of emphasis on observing and celebrating literature and culture in India, but one of the wrongest things in believing in literature and culture is that we do not change our orthodox thinking over the years, due to which we are still backward. If women are given a fair opportunity to study and move forward, then they have the power to change the world.


Level of education

Even today almost one-fourth of India's population lives in villages where India has not become a fully educated country due to lack of better education. If women get the right opportunities to study, then they can improve the level of their village and also by educating their family.



The most important reason for women's empowerment is to remove serious disease like poverty. Whether you believe it or not, there are many such areas in India even today, where the family cannot gather even two loaves of bread.  Many children fall prey to food in the absence of food. If women get the right opportunities for education and progress, then they can afford their own and their families.


Some special laws for women's empowerment

 • Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956 

• Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 

• Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 

• Pregnancy Act, 1971 

• Equal Remuneration Act, 1976 

• Sati Commission (Prevention) Act, 1987 

• Pre-Concession and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Regulation and Prevention) Act, 1994 

• Child Marriage Act, 2006 

• Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention and Protection) Act, 2013


Schemes launched by the Government of India for women

• Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scheme

• Ladli Laxmi Scheme

• Women's Hostel Scheme

• Anganwadi Scheme

• Indira Gandhi Fundamental Cooperation Scheme

• National Women's Fund