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Why not me?

By Anjana ⊚


Coming from a country where girl children are not promoted, I'm writing this blog to open the eyes of parents and everyone in the society on equality for girl children and women in the world.


Why not me? When he was given good educational opportunities and I was expected to do all the house chores.

Why not me? When he was given permission to go out and play and pave his way into good health and I was thought how to "cheerlead " it.

Why not me? When he was paid more even when I had the same qualification and experience as him.

Why not me? When he was allowed to roam out for days and I get questioned about my virginity for the same.

Why do we live In a world where all the girl children wish they were born a boy child? Why is there so much discrimination and difference in the world for men and women? Let is work together to eradicate every " why not me " and make it to " yes, me ".