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Is anybody even looking towards problems of our rural sisters?

By Silviya Agrawal ⊚

A day before when I sat down to write this assignment, the only question that struck my mind was- "What is the major problem faced by women and girls". I had to make sure that it has to be something different from the already discussed problems, to justify the platform, that's when I came up with my write up.
In todays time atleast we have started talking about issues like women empowerment, gender equality in urban areas. But, what about rural places? Our girls are still not allowed to study freely according to their wish in these places, womens are still not allowed to speak in front of the mens of the house. Why cannot a girl say No for anything? Even if she does say, then, "Oh it hits the male ego", "how dare she say No", "let's rape her, beat her and teach her a lesson". Shame yourself if you say yourself a man after treating any women like this. Are we really taking a step forward towards our womens freedom and equality by just talking about it? Are we really focusing on our girls suffering in villages and small towns? Let's try something to bring them equally forward and teach them to raise their voice against injustice.
Why to be quiet, if you have your voice!