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General Notification to all WERP-India Team: Welcome back to 2nd Phase Project Year 2019

By Mayowa01 ⊚

Dear Dedicated Team and Awesome WERP-Interns,

Welcome back from the 2-weeks break. I hope everyone enjoys and had a nice time out, and most especially, those on admission processing. WERP-India congratulates as many of our team members that just got admission to college. We wish you all the best and we hope you guys will make WERP-India brand proud by becoming the topper of your colleges.

Please, kindly keep in mind that We at the Management have updated our working policy.

Our Working Office has been shifted to SLACK. We will be using WhatsApp only to pass general notification and to remind you guys of task pending on slack. All official communication will be done in Slack also. So please, kindly abide by this new working policy for WERP-India. So, we are not leaving the WhatsApp working office as well. We use it for rapid dissemination of information like task notifications or task reminder. But we will be active more on SLACK. Kindly do not leave your working group without posting why you are leaving....even when you have completed your internship and have received CCs.

*Do post why you are leaving working group,  appreciate us when we have done it well, criticize us positively when there is more to do to be better* That help is so much on our feedback drive to be better on the vision. Thank you for your dedication to make things happen at WERP-India. In case of any grievances within the group, do write to me personally on my email topeshitu1985@gmail.com. I promise to always reply and respond.

Thanking You and WELCOME you all to the 2nd phase project year 2019. Let's roll forward and be the best organization for Women and Girls empowerment in India and globally.


Dr. Shitu

Founder CEO & Chief Innovator


Please, all Project Directors (PD) should kindly share the notification in their respective working group